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Halo, I am Radityo. I am a social worker, a husband with one lovely daughter, and an usual boring 8 to 5 job. Now, I am trying new media/tools to write online, so I try quartz. This site still in progress, so bear with me, this site isn’t gonna magically turn pretty and pleasant to your eyes.

I use Obsidian to write and then using quartz to show what i wrote to you. This site gonna be messy. There will be a lot of scribble and notes that make based on what i think of on that day. It is not gonna be slick, and have any chronological order like usual blog post. How Blogs Broke the Web explain it nicely.

I am not a technical person in the land of programming. So, any help will be valuable. and this site probably gonna have a mix of English and Bahasa Indonesia as i dive deeper.

# Main Maps of Content (MoCs)

not yet finished

# Oldies

some of my old blog post written in Bahasa Indonesia. Old style post with standart formatting used in personal blog.

Warning, if you want to keep reading!

# Disclaimer

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