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Halo, I am Radit and welcome to my Digital Garden.

I am an Indonesian that have an usual boring 8 to 5 job. Now, I am trying new media to share my thoughts to public, so I try quartz.

This site still in progress, so bear with me, it’s gonna be messy. There will be a lot of scribble and notes that make based on what I think of on that day. It is not gonna be slick, and have any chronological order like usual blog post I had in the past.

This site probably gonna have a mix of English and Bahasa Indonesia as I dive deeper.

There is no index, so all you need to do to is to follow a link like this one the box

📚Blog post format from the past

some of my old blog post written in Bahasa Indonesia. Old style post with chronological formatting used in personal blog.

Disclaimer Opinions expressed here is of my own and does not reflect the organizations/institutions where I am affiliated.